Look down at your body.

your hand(s),

your arm(s),

your leg(s).

You are here. Living your life; your lived experience matters.

As a caretaker, a parent, sibling, neighbor, friend, and global citizen, you embody and face complex realities in your personal experience...
...and that personal experience is also deeply intertwined with our collective, historical, and cultural stories.

The Rooted Global Village was born at a threshold moment of reckoning with the legacies of structurally harmful systems that link our personal stories of trauma and resilience with the cultural turns and historical events that have shaped our lives.

We’re a communal space of response to these forces that have disrupted and distorted a sense of connection and belonging to each other; and impeded experiences of mutual regard and dignity. Forces that have kept us from seeing the spark of creation in each other, and often unevenly. We recognize that our personal experiences of trauma and resilience, of creation and recreation, and our liberation, are bound to the destinies of others.

To create the world anew we need to “tie our roots together” (Sophie Strand) and play with the technologies of LIBERATION available to us.

Our prayer is to inspire a path into radically different ways of imagining, being and belonging

We un/learn with inspirational teachers, wisdom keepers and scholar-activists.  We move, we dance, we sing, and we learn to attune to the language of our bodies and the dimensions of embodied experience in cultivating a compass; playing with the threads of shared experience and kin-making in experiential ways,

While also building the capacity to stay with the uncertainty and discomfort that comes when we disrupt that status quo - so that we can move communally into unknown future(s). The ethos and values we move from matter.

In Rooted, we aspire to co-create from a place of "sacred hospitality" (Orland Bishop), radical care and revolutionary love.

Come metabolize, grieve, play, imagine and co-create!

Imagination and PLAY have enormous implications for our ability to create the world we live in, heal lines of division, and expand our capacity for relationship with self and other peoples (human and non-human).  

Trauma and oppression create relational wounds and fragmentation. So how do we meet our edges, and the fears that are generated, without further fragmentation?

We're curious about the seeds of revolutionary change and ordinary joy.

In Rooted, we become disruptors and border-crossers, disrupting the legacy and transmission of lines of trauma and oppression, and supporting the flourishing and proliferation of lines of resilience, reimagination and relationship through the body and through the body in relationship and in community.

This is what we do in Rooted.

"Right here in our bodies, in our defense of our right to experience joy, in the refusal to abandon the place where we have been most completely invaded & colonized, in our determination to make the bombed & defoliated lands flower again and bear fruit, here where we have been most shamed is one of the most radical & sacred places from which to transform the world."

- Aurora Levins Morales

Our foundations...

( What we’re exploring each month )

Body-centered processes & Experiential Learning

Body-centered processes of personal and communal transformation. We see our bodies as sites of transformation in how we meet experience. There's an alchemy we learn to do in the process.

Grief tending

We see grief and grieving as the great metabolizer of experience. To be able to acknowledge, honor and witness experience is part of what makes way for the world(s) to come.

Reclaiming the Animal Body

We're countering a cultural orientation towards the body (steeped in coloniality/modernity) of distrust and denigration. Reclaiming the dignity of our wildness and the animal of our bodies.

Tickling the Roots

Tickling the Roots - we make way for play, explorations of pleasure, sensuality, music, song, dance, movement and joy! This is liberation work!

Somatic Abolitionism

Somatic Abolitionism (Resmaa Menakem) serves as foundation for making sense of how the personal is also communal, cultural and historical when it comes to making sense of racialized experience and how we meet and metabolize experience to make way for new imaginations of ourselves and each other to emerge. 

“Somatic Abolitionism is  living, embodied anti-racist practice and cultural building —a way of being in the world. It is a return to the age-old wisdom of human bodies respecting, honoring, and resonating with other human bodies. It is not a exclusively a goal, an attitude, a belief, an idea, a strategy, a movement, a plan, a system, a political position, or a step forward.

Somatic Abolitionism is not a human invention. It is the resourcing of energies that are always present in your body, in the collective body, and in the world. Somatic Abolitionism is an emergent process.

Somatic Abolitionism is an emergent form of growing up and growing into a more fuller energetic human experience.”

For a fuller definition of Somatic Abolitionism - Click here.
(Source: www.resmaa.com).  

Healing (in) Relationship - Spaces for Connection & Kin-Making

We create space for connection in affinity groups (based on shared identities & experiences) as well as offering spaces to come together in other configurations that can also be generative and transformational.

If you are willing to engage in un/learning experiences that prompt you to explore the borderlands of possibility between where you are now and where your heart desires to go…

This is for you.

If you want to explore the dimensions of embodied experience and cultivate bodies that can hold the charge of our activation, our discomfort, our enthusiasm and our joy; to make our bodies as wide as the ocean…

This is for you.

If you want to engage with others in a space focused on personal and communal transformation beyond a disposability culture that makes us fearful of rejection in the process…

This is for you.

If you’re interested in joining a communal space that both explores the impact of racialization and other harmful systems of dominance AND the possibilities that exist beyond them…

This is for you.

This is a place to explore how we create new experiences and new create culture together.

To build capacity within our bodies to experience transformation.

Our Ever Growing Learning Library at your finger tips...

The Village is curating a rich (and growing) learning library of past workshops in both audio and video formats, along with and somatic/experiential practices that will be at your finger tips as soon as you register.

Our learning library also includes our previous virtual events, the Embodied Trauma Conference, Tending the Roots 2021, and the Embodied Social Justice Summit (2021). Please note: the Tending the Roots event collection from 2022 will (over the next few months) become available to view as a member of the Rooted Global Village.

Rooted's month-to-month flow...

How we’re exploring each month:

Our Monthly Workshop takes place on the second Sunday or Monday of each month between 1-3pm EST.

This is the main workshop event of the month. The purpose of the monthly workshops is to expose us to different perspectives and ideas related to topics we’re grappling with in our lives and in the world at large. This is a content-rich place of expansion; to challenge us with perspectives and ideas that can lovingly agitate and disrupt the habitual to create openings to the borderlands. Sometimes this means guest experts, sometimes this means art practice, sometimes this means an experiential class. Whatever the subject matter, this is playful exploration in a mixed space (this means all bodies are welcome). 

“Staying with the trouble, yearning toward resurgence, requires inheriting hard histories, for everybody, but not equally and not in the same ways.” - Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble

Various somatic and experiential classes during the 3rd week of every month . 

We’re illuminating what disrupts the entrenched grooves of our personal historical and cultural conditioning - suspends the stories that keep us stuck - and makes way for new personal and cultural grooves. What helps us move beyond the entrenched grooves of our conditioning to make way for an orientation towards deep curiosity about ourselves, others, and the conditions (and systems) that have shaped us and our experience?

Deepening a body-centered process of personal and communal transformation means building that capacity for self (and other) awareness, becoming intimate with our bodies in ways that foster acceptance, call upon our maturation, and make us more available for transformation…and reclaiming the animal body (and what is primal and primary to experience).  To know the landscape of our bodies, our experience, with intimacy and acceptance is to render us available to meet other bodies with compassion and empathy.  It’s to make available again our creativity and imagination to dream a new dream.

“To know the landscape of our bodies, our experience, with intimacy and acceptance, is to render us available to meet other bodies with compassion and empathy.  It’s to make available again our creativity and imagination to dream a new dream.”

- Karine Bell

When: 3rd week of every month. // 1 hour to minutes to 90 min, in length. // 1-3 classes are held during this week of the month. 

Kin-Making in practice in the 4th week of every month for 90 minutes.

As a space that welcomes all bodies, focused on embodied anti-racism, decolonial work and culture building, we’re presented with the challenge of understanding the impact of racialization on experience and relationship, and un/learning the ways we’ve embodied coloniality in its many forms. We’re curious about where we might find the portals and the openings of possibility into new ways of experiencing ourselves and each other and our world.

The Contact Zones offer spaces based on affinity (racialized experience) and other experiences that feel important to our lived experience while also offering opportunities for other constellations of coming together in mixed spaces.  The choice is there depending on what is needed.  We invite moments of intimacy, connection and relationship (in ways that can surprise us); often through ways that can orient us in the direction of curiosity, creativity and connection and in ways that challenge otherwise legitimate sites of anti-racist and anticolonial work. How might we re/imagine and heal division through friendship and kin-making practices? 

“The Contact Zones, “...describe those spaces where “cultures meet, clash and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths...”. 

 - Mary Louise Pratt

Reclaiming our wildness & cultivating body awareness (ongoing)  

There is a foundation upon which our availability for transformation rests. Cultivating body awareness, self-awareness, awareness of the dimensions of embodied experience, the landscape of our emotional and sensational worlds, and having a basis in some understanding of how our bodies retain the orientations rooted in trauma and resilience (and how it shapes worlds), are some of the foundational elements that make way for our ability to be present with ‘what is’ with an orientation of curiosity and acceptance. The body-centered nature of what we do means that this is a thread that is woven in and through all that we do, and dream of doing, in Rooted. It is about re/sensitizing and awakening to a world alive. 

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A Virtual Gathering Space
for all bodies

We’re attempting to disrupt and suspend what has the potential to be recreated through us in order to make way for something new to emerge.

How do we meet and metabolize those aspects of experience (related to trauma and oppression) that make way for the alchemy this performs to become the fertile soil of new futures? How can we begin composting our scraps and bits that are no longer working well for us and turning them into the black gold of fertile soil?

How can we meet and metabolize those aspects of experience (related to trauma and oppression) that make way for the alchemy this performs to become the fertile soil of new futures?

These are our open questions and the heartsong that gave birth to Rooted.

Perhaps yours is singing too.


What's the cancelation policy?

If you sign up for the monthly plans, you can cancel at any point.  Your subscription will last until the end of that month at which point you will no longer be billed.  For the quarterly plans, your subscription will last until the end of that quarter and not renew again.  You can cancel anytime, but enrolment only happens at specific times each year.

I’m not sure how it will all work? will there be an orientation of some kind?

Absolutely.  We’ll send you details for where to access the members dashboard and include information there you need to know to get ready for the next workshop.  We'll also provide support in the form of a welcome ceremony!  We send weekly emails providing an overview of what's coming up, too, so you won't miss anything.

I don’t want to be overwhelmed. What happens if I can’t attend the workshops or community sessions?

Your pace is perfect and there is no "behind” here. This is not a course you have to work through from beginning to end. You’ll be able to revisit previous workshops while your membership is current, so there’s no rush to take in the materials.  You also don’t need to attend “live” to benefit from this experience.  Each month will have a dedicated space where you’ll find the workshop recordings and other relevant information/materials/links. This is exploratory space for you to consume at your pace.

Will I be able to work with someone 1-1 if I join?

No, Rooted is a communal experience.  No individual coaching/therapy sessions are offered. However, we have opportunities to connect in smaller groups during some of the sessions.

Can I earn CEUs for my participation?

At this particular point in time, no, but we are looking into it, so it could well be possible in the near future.

What are the dates & times for the live workshops?

The core of Rooted are the monthly workshops, which will take place on the second Sunday or Monday of each month. Workshops are held at 1pm EST. The workshop recordings will also be available within 24/48 hours after the workshop. Our other workshops are held at various times throughout the month - and our co-being hours happen every Friday from 11am-1pm EST.

When you register you’ll be able to access:

Come travel with us on month(s) long thematic journeys that shake up entrenched ways of knowing, expand our sense of belonging and widen our capacity for change. We have many offerings each month that you can drop-in to as time allows.

Village offerings

Each month, on the first or second Friday of the month, there is the opportunity to attend an offering or space held by a Rooted Villager.

You are more than welcome to submit a workshop idea and offer to hold space is this manner too if you join us!