"I can think of no greater act of compassion than to free someone from our fixed perceptions of them. It's what allows them to become these ever-unfolding beings that can surprise us." — Christina Feldman

Each one of us entering Rooted comes to it from a unique lived experience; with different social and geographical locations.

Part of the humility we value inside this membership is embracing the mystery that is each one of us…and we're looking for ways of connecting to our own multitudes. So much of what we are is often obscured by the ways that modernity tends to flatten us into rigid identities and categories based on what is valuable to it.

Some of what we’ve inherited from within our families, our communities, and culture is beautiful, and some of it - in this modern globalized society - has led to…

  • Muted creativity and imagination for what could be...
  • A learned helplessness in our ways of communicating and approaching challenges
  • A profound sense of non-belonging to the world around us and to ourselves

In Rooted, we seek to challenge those experiences. By expanding the lens on which stories we listen to....

Our bodies are telling a story

The plants and animals are telling a story

The non-living entities we surround ourselves with are telling a story

The silence present in the room with is telling a story

Dreams (both waking and in sleep) are telling a story

Our imaginations are telling a story

Music is telling a story.

What stories do we listen for? Which stories do we put attention toward?

As Mary Oliver once wrote, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.”

There are people doing BEAUTIFUL work in this world. There are people living in ways that honor the interconnected reality of our existence here on earth. There are places and songs and books and ideas tapping us on the shoulder, waiting to be collaborated with. There are practices we can enact and find and rooted into that can transform our sense of belonging.

Rooted offers itself to you as one portal, one resting place, one gathering spot for all we wish to inhabit more fully.

Whatever we believe, whatever backgrounds we inhabit whatever faith traditions we may or may not have inherited…..

There is something so precious in recognizing the spiritual ecology in which we all swim.

This Spiritual Ecology, indigenous in it’s origin, where ultimate meaning is made manifest in the reciprocal relationships within the ecological dynamics of the world. This definition feels potent because the interconnected nature of our existence is undeniable.

We offer multiple spaces and moments inside of Rooted to pause, notice, and reflect on the spiritual ecology that you are part of with other bodies.

  • What does transformation actually mean in the day-to-day of life?
  • And what does personal and collective transformation mean for our everyday lives and relationships?

Our desire with Rooted, is to experience these questions in our bodies, and to re/turn to them throughout the entirety of our lives.

For us in Rooted, transformation and personal and collective liberation have to do with the reclamation of our capacity, and our availability, for possibility and mystery.

It has to do with embodying again birthright dignity and belonging as interconnected sparks within the cosmos. And it is about our relationship with the movement of life energy.

We are not here to focus solely on the suffering that comes from traumagenic conditions - many of us know all too well how real that is.  But to embrace desire as a compass; desire as finding a way out, through, and beyond what has been known.

If you’re curious about the SPACES inside Rooted’s Membership that we offer to make way for this lens on life - Enjoy our walkthrough video.

And if you're ready to join us - do it! Sunday Feb 4th the doors close.

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