Festival Collections

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We'll make closed captioning available, and our offering is guided by a trauma-informed lens that cherishes individual agency and collective container holding.
Public Online Event — December 9 - 11

The Afrocene: Making Space for the Strange and the Possible

In this event collection we aim to find strange and new possibilities for a way forward, outside the confines of what has already been tried and found wanting.
July 2022 Public Event

Expanding Possibilities of Love: Queer Ecology & Reimagining Belonging

In this event collection we are "risking new shapes" (Sophie Strand) and exploring the as-yet-unimagined, new hybrid and unexpected ways of experiencing ourselves, each other —and the world that emerge from what defies the categories of the 'normal' and evokes fantastical new shapes and configurations in nature (and in us).**
2022 Festival Collection

Tending The Roots

We are, in many ways, at a crossroads of sorts between the “no longer” and the “not yet” (Arturo Escobar) worlds to come.  We’re being asked to disrupt and agitate the foundations upon which harmful orientations and structures have been built.  What comes next is an invitation into uncertainty, mystery, emergence and co-creation…

We are interested in the portals of possibility that open up when we meet these borderland spaces centering our bodies, creativity and imagination.
2021 Festival Collection

Tending The Roots

A Free 4-Day Festival of Resilience & Reimagination, Culture & Community focused on what liberates it, and the resilience & creativity that bursts through!

This notion of a life force or life energy is ancient.  Ancient Egyptians knew about this ascending and animating force, 7,000 years B.C.E.  It's the free flow and movement of this life force that trauma truncates.  This will be a time of learning and connecting, experimenting and experiencing, and interacting and playing together.