Make the 2022

Tending The Roots Festival

collection yours to keep!**

and support the festival by purchasing the collection.


This Week of Embodied
Exploration is Now Over, but you can still take part.

There is a tremendous amount of heart, energy, intention and resources that we pour into the events we create and share. We thank you for considering support of our efforts and the event, if you can, and we hope you continue to benefit from the offerings contained here.

The festival collection that includes all presentation and practice sessions from the conference.

We've structured the purchase of the Tending the Roots collection "by donation", in order to support accessibility into three tiers.

Our commitment:
Earnings from donations will go to support the organization of the event, the time, labor and energy of our hosts and presenters.

Here’s what you’ll receive with the Tending the Roots Collection**:

  • Over 20 hours of sessions from the Tending the Roots Festival. All sessions will be downloadable and can be viewed as many times as you’d like.
  • A Complete set of Audio (in MP3 format) of the conference sessions that can be conveniently listened to.
  • A Complete set of transcripts of each session that you can read through at your own time and pace.
Day 1 Recordings
  • Our Opening Ceremony - Virtual Place and Kin-Making
  • Inflamed : Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Justice with Dr. Rupa Marya
  • What One Decade Can Do: A 5-word unraveling through a portal called unschooling with Akilah Richards
  • Indigenous Perspectives with Dr. Tyson Yunkaporta
  • Dancing Earth Creations with Rulan Tangen
Day 2 Recordings
  • Enfleshment, Rapture, & Trance with brontë Velez
  • Sex, Intimacy, Somatics, Manifesting with Goddess Amina
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Decolonization of Healing with Claudia Cuentas
  • ReSounding Joy & Drumming with Cliff Berrien (Family Friendly)
  • Erika Gagnon - Healing Wisdom for Modern Times
Day 3 Recordings
  • Step Into Intentional Movement with Joy Marie Thompson & Dunan Kandra
  • When You Fall Apart, Don’t Forget to Love the Pieces with Bayo Akomolafe, (Ph.D.)
  • At the Crossroads of Body-Centered Transformation with Resmaa Menakem
  • Sacred Economics with Orland Bishop & Carlin Quinn
  • Sound Bath and Meditation with Shawn Moore
  • The Body is a Doorway: Deep Ecology and Deep Healing with Sophie Strand
Day 4 Recordings
  • The Work That Reconnects with Emily Coralyne & Sarah Nahar
  • Partnering with the Birds for Eco-Social Repair with Lauren Hage
  • Hospicing Modernity with Vanessa Andreotti, (PhD)
  • Gathering the Imaginal with Alixa García

You can choose from one of
3 donation tiers for the collection


If you'd like to consider making these sessions a part of your personal library, and/or you'd like to donate to the labor that has gone into the creation of this event, please consider a donation.

Our gift to you in return, is the full event collection.

**Please note the Tending the Roots event collection will (over the next few months) become available to view as a member of the Rooted Global Village. However, resources in the Rooted library are not downloadable. If you donate, you will receive all materials in downloadable form.

Not sure which to choose?

We deeply appreciate that people will assess their level of donation based on what they are able to pay.  We trust you to know what you can afford to donate for something like this, though there are some considerations we would offer to help you make your decision.  Alexis Cunningfolk from, offers guidance on making this decision based on a number of factors you can take into consideration.
Our aim is to make this collection accessible - if you are financially unable to contribute at the amounts listed, please reach out to us at: