An Introductory Workshop to our PLAY Focus....

"We need to build rhizomatic movements marked by creativity, humor, networked intelligence, and a profoundly participatory ethic and the courage to risk it all for a livable future.”

— Beautiful Trouble

Dear one, If you weren't able to join us live last Sunday for our Introduction to our PLAY Focus within Rooted, we hope you're able to join this recording.

This first gathering served as an introduction to the play program arc. We invited in a co-creative process of discovery around our personal and collective relationship to play, the (somatic) edges within it, and the value play holds for our lives, relationships, and our world.

All you need to bring as you watch this recording is yourself, and as open a heart and mind as possible, as we kick off this exploratory series.

Consider what makes you feel a little more playful — clothing? objects? Pets? Food? A notebook or art supplies? Cozy blankets? You can bring whatever makes you feel more at ease.

We have been inspired for this program arc to explore the questions: What nourishes imagination to transcend the indoctrination of coloniality and open to emergent remedies that alchemize supremacies instead of reproducing them? What clears away the energetic debris of supremacies in the body so that imagination may engage its key practices of curiosity, compassion, and creativity?

Rooted proposes that one of the pathways that clears away debris and sustains and nourishes imagination is: play.

When play is centered as a site of knowledge rather than a distraction from what is “real” we are liberated from the colonial capitalist lens that equates value with production and control.  


This Recording of our Sunday Introduction was just the kick-off....

All year, we're being joined by many amazing Guest Lecturers, Artists, Creatives and Scholar-Activists dedicated to the exploration of play as a VITAL access point to the creation of alternative futures.  

This program is open to the public for enrolment throughout the month, so if you'd like to join us, do so here:  

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