On the Podcast: Yvette Murrell — On Pause, Possibility, & Play

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Yvette Murrell

Yvette Murrell is a coach, healer, consultant, co-founder, and Connector of the former Playback Milwaukee Theatre Company, has multifaceted, cross-sector national career accomplishments in expressive arts, business, and education. A powerfully-gifted facilitator and shaman with over 30 years of practice, Yvette weaves a deeply embodied approach to social, racial, and restorative justice into the lives of individuals, organizations, and institutions seeking transformative change. By her presence alone, Yvette grounds love into action by awakening body wisdom, ancestral guides, and creative play through compassionate inquiry and somatic listening. She can deftly hear the soul’s calling toward collective liberation, alchemizing conflict, and challenge to compassion, strategy, and vision. You’ll find Yvette, where innovation, cultural arts, and transformative justice meets beloved community.