Part 1: Who is the Soulful Chainbreaker?

Transmuting Intergenerational Trauma Through The Creative Principles of Fire

This is a story about what it means to be the one who steps out of line. The one willing to be the weak link in the chain.  The one willing to disrupt and disobey; to embrace disruption as a portal and disappoint some of the expectations held for us (and the people associated with them) in the service of another future. And how a shift in imagination turns our deviance into a dedication to life, love, and liberation. This requires courage, fierce love and a fire (in the belly) that sustains our commitment.

In this podcast there are reflections on becoming the soulful chainbreaker, and what it might mean to and for you.

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About the author(s):

Karine Bell

Karine Bell makes her home with her two kids, her partner and a dog.

She’s a somatics teacher and abolitionist, dedicated to embodied trauma

alchemy. A bi-cultural black woman, she’s also a culturally reflexive anthropologist exploring the intersection of where our bodies/psyches/experiences meet our collective histories.

She believes in the healing made possible at the personal and collective level by the work we do through transforming experience in our bodies today. She combines continued study in somatics with studies in depth psychology with a focus on community, liberation, indigenous and eco-psychologies at Pacifica.