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Art! Art that liberates, art that inspires, art that acts like portals for imagination!  Art is one of my favorite gifts to receive and to give.

I have been surrounded by artists and creatives of all kinds throughout my life. My circle of friends was made up of many theatre folks, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, and, more recently, clowns!

And we love the beauty that arts contribute to Rooted.

We’ve been truly blessed to have a number of talented people lend their vision and creative talent to birthing images that tell stories and convey things that words may struggle to capture.  

One of those artists is our own Zahraa (Zuzu) Hassan.

Zahraa Hassan lives in Istanbul Turkey and is Iraqi.  She is a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on animation, UX design strategy, and art! Zahraa loves to write nonsense poems from her big blue couch, and sees illustration as a portal into the magic of ideas beyond words.  

This year, I was so inspired by a number of art pieces that Zuzu worked on that I wanted to be able (with her full consent) to bring the design in my home in some form.

One of those pieces is something we’ve been calling “Deep Earth”, and it came from a vision I had shared with Zuzu, who created this piece.  It represents the layers of movement - like sediment - from urgent/quick to deep and slow; with the deepest layer being representative of how I see the work that we do in Rooted.  The kind deep Earth (slow, churning, intentional) activism we’re involved with.

As I looked into how I could bring this image into my life (it feels like a re/membrance and an anchoring), I thought we could make this available to our villagers, too.

Enter the Rooted Global Village Society6 shop + gallery  

This idea is in its nascent stages, but could potentially develop into a space where some of our Rooted artists could share their creations.  

We are 100% committed to non-exploitative practices. While the artwork currently featured are commissioned pieces for Rooted, we maintain that the majority of earnings will go to support her and her art.

Currently, *90% of all profit will go towards supporting the artist - with 10% going to support Rooted’s operations.

You can visit the Society6 art gallery here! And stay tuned as we explore the possibility of expanding these offerings.

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About the author(s):

Karine Bell

Karine Bell makes her home with her two kids, her partner and a dog.

She’s a somatics teacher and abolitionist, dedicated to embodied trauma

alchemy. A bi-cultural black woman, she’s also a culturally reflexive anthropologist exploring the intersection of where our bodies/psyches/experiences meet our collective histories.

She believes in the healing made possible at the personal and collective level by the work we do through transforming experience in our bodies today. She combines continued study in somatics with studies in depth psychology with a focus on community, liberation, indigenous and eco-psychologies at Pacifica.